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Welcome to the homepage of Hollolan Kotiseutuyhdistys local heritage society!


Artefact museum and open-air museum, Rälssintie 6, Hollola kk
Open June 12th until Auqust 22th in 2021
Wed–Sun 12 am – 6 pm

Entrance fee
Adults 5 €
For groups of 10 or more 3 €/person
Free admission for children under 18

Take a look around the museum online (only in Finnish):

Artefact Museum (Esinemuseo)

The artefact museum is in an old parish storehouse, which was built in 1855. It is located in the north-west corner of Hollola cemetery. The local heritage society bought the parish storehouse in 1952 and the renovation of the place was completed already the following year. At the same time, artefacts were being collected and listed to become part of the museum. The artefact museum was opened June 3rd in 1960.

The floor below the artefact museum used to be a storage for grains, which is why it has double wooden walls. Double walls kept the air fresh and prevented theft.

The permanent exhibition presents the results of the archaeological excavations in the Hollola area. The exhibition has been renewed in 2006 and 2007 by Lahti City Museum.

The Open-air Museum of Hollola (Talomuseo)

The open-air museum of Hollola is a remarkable display of the old buildings in the countryside. The oldest log buildings are from the end of the 18th century and the newest ones are from the beginning of the 20th century. The museum area includes the main buildings Hentilä, Ylä-Kölli and Halkaro, which have been moved here, three small sto, a smithy, two buildings moved from Tankkala (built together), a barn and a shed as well as a drying barn, a hop garden and a malt sauna.

1. Hentilä’ s house
2. Ida’s storehouse
3. Seppälä’s storehouse
4. Storehouse
5. Mömmölä’s smithy
6. Halkaro’s croft
7. Peltola’s drying barn
8. Malt-drying sauna
9. Tankkala’s stables
10. Carriage shed
11. Tankkala’s storehouse
12. Ylä-kölli’s house
13. Näsäkkälä’s storehouses
14. Sunelli’s cowshed

A guide map of the museum designed and drawn by Sirkku Muhli

Annually before midsummer, the sahti ale championships of the municipality of Hollola are held at the open-air-museum. Every other year in August, a harvesting festival is also held.

Hollola’s municipal house (Vanha kunnantupa)

Hollola’ municipal house is located opposite the church bell tower. This national romantic style log house is a restaurant cafe, which is open all year. The place can also be reserved for private events. The house has excellent acoustics and a piano is available for use.

Opening hours

Pizza by phone: +35846 881 5540

Sometimes the opening hours are affected due to private events.
Inquiries and reservations by phone: +35844 552 2833